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A Message from the Chief Executive

Welcome to Coastal Academies Trust (CAT). There are currently five schools in our Trust in Thanet, Kent; four secondary schools and one primary. We are a local Trust and believe in working together collectively to give our students that best possible start to their lives both in terms of formal education but also through their development as human beings who have a place in the world.

Our Trust covers all ages and all abilities and we celebrate the diversity of our school communities. We believe strongly that working together is better than working alone so we can share best practice and learn from each other as well as develop opportunities for staff development and career progression. Leadership is central to everything we do and every member of our Trust community, staff and tudents, will be offered opportunities to develop, grow and be fulfilled so that we can all go forward into the world with confidence.

We will always encourage our young people to work hard, make progress and to get the best outcomes they can at school so that they have more choices and options in the future. We are also aware, however, that a young person can find life stressful when childhood and learning should be fun; above all we want our young people to be happy.

Our mission is to work with all the schools in Thanet to make this wonderful part of the world a centre of excellence for education and a place where young people enjoy and cherish their time at school. Making connections with other likeminded people is very important to us so do contact me if you feel you can help, in any way, to make life the best it can be for our delightful young people – because they absolutely deserve it.

Coastal Academies Trust is an exciting place to work as we are always at the forefront of new initiatives, ideas and plans, both locally and nationally. All our headteachers are driven and ambitious for our schools, our children and our Trust.

Kate Greig

Chief Executive
Coastal Academies Trust

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